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ONTOPS is your partner when you are looking for the best solution in the development, production and delivery of high-quality cast aluminum products for complex applications.

Ontops are center your requirement, and ONTOPS applies the best possible solution – both in engineering and in  delivery systems.

we are owner process to make solutions for your product:


The basis is a solid structural design for your product …

ONTOPS understand all the input and out of construction designing a solid from your product. A suitable design for your product is naturally always kept in mind.     

Our specialists are able to tell you without error whether it is possible to manufacture products in a casting mold or if it is better to assemble it from different components. Our expertise and experience in engineering and design may benefit you as a customer in further perfecting an existing design or in having an entirely new CAD, Solid Works, NX, CAD/CAM design prepared for your product. The draft design is the basis for initiating a subsequent process of production and finishing that is cost-effective and optimally suited for the final use.

ONTOPS offers its customers support already at an early stage, both in engineering and also in the configuration of the object.

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We use various techniques to make prototypes 
The basis is always the 3-D model.

From the 3-D model a plastic product is made by applying different layers of plastic to each other.

Sand casting
A sand casting model can also be prepared by using a plastic model. This model is pressed in sand, after which aluminum castings are made in the impression.

Lost wax method
A wax model can be constructed with the 3-D model. This wax model is surrounded with ceramic. As soon as the ceramic has hardened, the wax is melted. After this, aluminum (or another material) can be poured into the ceramic mold.

Milled out solid material
The 3-D model (CAD, Solid Works, NX, Pro-Engineer..) can be automatically transformed into machine language (CAM). With this program a model can be milled out of a block of aluminum.

Casting Casting process of high/Low pressure aluminium, Copper, Brass, Steel, Cast Iron with Precision Die Casting Support.


(Aluminum alloy or zinc alloy Or Copper Or Steel Alloy Or Cast Iron)

Chill mold casting
Using the force of gravity, aluminum is poured into a cast iron mold.

Low-pressure casting
Low-pressure (1-2 bars) is exerted on the aluminum bath. There is a riser tube in this bath. As a result of the pressure the aluminum rises in the riser tube. In this way the mold is slowly filled from below.

High-pressure casting
Using high-pressure up to 1500 bars aluminum is poured into the mold (previously called die-casting). The process consists of three phases. In the first phase the material is displaced into the mold. In the second phase the mold is filled at high speed. Finally in the third phase the aluminum is compacted, at which time all shrink holes forming during the shrinkage of the materials are pressed out.

Vacuum casting
A fraction of a second before casting the die is subjected to a vacuum. As a result the die is 95% evacuated of air, thereby preventing air inclusions. This is very suitable for pressure-tight parts and products that have to withstand loads.

Shot control
The process of high pressure casting at this time is continuously measured, and corrected even in the process itself if the ongoing process deviates from the set parameters.

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Finishing work

Extensive experience and expertise in finishing …
A casting is not always the final product. A large number of finishing operations may be necessary in order to achieve the right final result. The finishing process for castings is one of our specialties in which we have a lot of experience and expertise. For a long time ONTOPS was one of the few in the Vietnam offering a combination of casting work and CNC finishing under one roof.

A large number of finishing operations under one roof…
To guarantee quality and efficiency in the production process, ONTOPS has brought production under the same roof with a number of finishing operations. Now whether CNC or manual finishing or surface  treatments such as enameling or anodizing, all finishing operations follow one another seamlessly. In this way ONTOPS can maintain continuous control of delivery times and offer its customers the greatest possible flexibility.

In brief, our knowledge and experience do not merely contribute to the quality of your product. We also efficiently carry out our specialized finishing operations in a timely manner, in which complex applications are not avoided. And this provides you as a customer with the necessary saving of time -- with all the resulting advantages.

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To make the products into a semi-fabricate of adequate quality, often “casting-alien” parts must be installed, such as plastic products, steel parts or in some cases even other castings. ONTOPS also provides this service. Often special tools are prepared for this purpose in order to make the assembly as efficient as possible but above all so it can proceed error-free.

The successfull of production assembly OEM for MCCB, Inverter, LED, Aluminium Motor and Pump.


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